Oriental Envy
Oriental Shorthairs

Kittens are ready to go to their new homes between 12 and 14 weeks of age.

**Available Kittens**
Please visit our facebook page for updates.
This site will be taken down soon.

**Available Adults**

Delivery options
We will be cutting back on Nanny deliveries.
Only ones that are absolutely necessary might be an option.
If it is at all possible for you to pick up your new baby in person,
please make plans to do so.
The new nannies that we have drive, so cost will be higher.
Deliveries will be available for $ per hr of driving.
This includes return milage as well.
There is a limited amont of miles we will drive.
There will be a minimal delivery fee of $350, regardless.
In cabin flight delivery is available for the cost of the plane ticket
on top of the nanny's fee. Or, I can also meet yo at the airport for a small fee.
We like to meet the new adoptive parents in person.
We will NOT fly an animal in Cargo!

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Updated 05/17/2018


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